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Su Myat, WTM ambassador, a proud Myanmar programmer. By day, She works as a Lead Android Developer at WaveMoney, a service that integrates all the billers, merchants, air tickets, bus tickets and things like that into WavePay which you access just through your mobile phone. By night, she always gave herself time to learn new technology. She loves software design in general and particalarly enjoys diving into legacy codebases gradually increasing the happiness quotients of all involved.

Latest Projects

Demo Jetpack Compose

New Jetpack Compose Library for Android Developers

An unbundled Android UI toolkit designed to simplify UI development. Borrowing the concepts from React, Litho, Vue, Flutter, and more. The existing UI system is platform dependent Compose library itself is made into a Jetpack component, that means it's a platform independent library.

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Automated Testing

Automated Testing for Android Developers

We are building application that are unnecessarily complex.We have to test that previous features working properly.Doing this manually every time is tiring. It makes you prone to mistakes and does not scale

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Angel Hack Hackathone

Discover my hacker experience during the 28 hours of the Angle Hack Yangon 2018. Although this event was a years ago. I created this application with my team members.

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ExpressJS - Learning step by step

Basically, I learned a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) APIs which the basic server and create basic APIs in Node JS and things like that.

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Firebase Config for Android Developers

Firebase has a lot of fo features, Real-time Databases, Cloud Messaging, Crashlytics are common in the Android world. And we used to update the app without having to publish a new version of Playstore and making it possible for all users to have this change.

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Work Experience

Lead Android Developer - Wave Money (2017 - Present)

● Architecting and implementing Android applications with Clean Architecture Pattern and dependency injection using Dagger2
● Liaising with product managers, business teas and technology teams to make sure Business requirements are translated to technical specifications
● Assigning tasks to the developers, running scrums and leading sprints and making sure the team follow the Devops and Agile methodology
● Launching Android App and making sure a 4/5 star rating is maintained in the Google Play store with over 7 million users
● Advising production owners and business of the application flow
● Involvingfromtheproductconceptiontothedeliveryandmaintaininglifecycleof products
● Developing test scripts and automating the process

Senior Android Developer - Shwe Tech (2016 - 2017)

● Leading 10 cutting-edge Android app developers for streamlining customer live broadcasting video chat app
● Leading agile mobile developers and backend developers in the design and Development of new live video chat app
● Planning user stories, sprints and running scrums for the rest of the developer’s community

Senior Android Developer - Ace Plus (2014 - 2016)

● Developing major part of DMS (Distributed Management System) Android app, optimizing performance from 82% crash free sessions to 99.9%
● Reducing time taken for customers to upload by 10% during peak times by upgrading The feature of the app ,this helped increase the revenue of the company
● Writing maintainable and reusable code with a focus on security and privacy
● Leading mobile and backend developers with design and development of new Restaurant Management System app
● Knowledge sharing and training of the junior developers

Android Developer - Myanmar Hyperion (2013 - 2014)

● Improving code for major part of Home Rent/Sell Android app which increase App performance from 67%
● Re-developing and re-designing of UI/UX
● Improving customer app by adding loyalty schemes, geolocation features and promotions

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